Get customized whitening trays without sitting in a dental chair.

We deliver a kit for you to take impressions of your teeth, send to our lab, then receive your customized whitening trays within days.







Teeth whitening reimagined.

Our custom-fit home teeth whitening trays deliver professional results without breaking the bank.

A dramatically more powerful home teeth whitening system.

Clinically-backed ingredients
formulated to give you, your best smile.

Scientifically effective formulas.

Big time stain remover.

Lumos teeth whitening gels can help remove years of teeth stains and restore your smile. Our powerful bleaching gel is made with a proven blend of ingredients that effectively removes stubborn teeth stains and discoloration, leaving you with a white and bright smile.

Our at home teeth whitening kit delivered in 2 days.

The process is easy.


All Lumos home teeth whitening kits are shipped priority and arrive within two business days. You can take your impressions at home virtually with a Lumos dental professional, or follow our easy instructions and video.


After sending your teeth impressions to Lumos Dental labs, your custom-fit teeth whitening trays will be fabricated and shipped back to you within one week or less. Lumos Dental Labs uses the latest dental technology to create comfortable and completely customized teeth whitening trays that will fit your teeth perfectly.


All you need for your custom at home teeth whitening is delivered right to your door. Start your whitening treatment with custom-fitted trays and Lumos teeth whitening gel. Our professional strength teeth whitening gels come in 3 different strengths and can help erase years of teeth stains. Most customers see results after just one session!

The must-have for sensitive teeth.

Meet desensitizing gel.

Don’t live with sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity affects more than 60 percent of the population, but Lumos' desensitizing gel can help. The gel temporarily blocks teeth pores, allowing your teeth to rehydrate and nourish.

Goodbye gimmicks.

Hello to professional and lasting results.

Kate, co-founder of Lumos Smile, is a dental hygienist who has tried all the current at home teeth whitening products. She found that none of them provided the same lasting and quality results as custom fit teeth whitening bleaching trays made in a dental office. Lumos Smile was founded to provide an affordable, at-home custom teeth whitening system that gives lasting professional and quality results without breaking the bank.

Lumos Smile Co-Founders Zoe and Kate

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